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My journey in jewellery making began around 10 years ago when I was a bored corporate wife living overseas with way too much time on my hands. On a visit home to Australia my very creative Mother, I think sensing I was in need of a focus, suggested I try jewellery making and so it began...

My style has evolved over the years and my current work has a focus on the earthy metals of copper and brass combined with art beads in many different mediums including enamel, glass, polymer clay, metal clay and ceramic which I have gathered from all over the globe directly from the talented artisans who hand make them. These elements are woven together to create jewellery with a relaxed bohemian style that reflects my love of the shifting colours of autumn and the natural beauty that can be found in the flora and fauna of woodlands and forests.

Jewellery for the free spirited, those who like to wander in mind as well as body and those who, like me, have a love for the handcrafted and unique.